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Special Packaging

pharmacist smilingAsk our pharmacist about customized packaging! We want to make your medication treatment more convenient and easier to comply with. Here are some solutions we offer.

Single Prescription Meds

  • Bi-Weekly Caddies
  • Vials with Large Print Labels
  • Individual Packing (30-Day Card)
  • Prefilled Syringes (Insulin)
  • Child Resistant Safety-Caps

Multiple Prescription Meds

  • Multiple Prescription Group Packing
  • Bubble Pack (Single / Multiple Prescription)
  • Blister Packs (Single / Multiple Prescriptions)
  • Travel Packing


Pharmacist with customer

Express Care Pharmacy is set on a mission to provide medical relief to the community as our pharmaceutical services and products are steadily economical, honest and unbiased.

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